Rules of the Almijara Bowls Club

Objects of the Club

To provide Bowling Members with the facility to play, foster and promote the sport of Bowls at all levels.  To provide opportunities for recreation, competition and Social Facilities for its members.

Game Rules

Games will be played in accordance with Federation Espanola de Bolos ‘Laws of the Sport of Bowls’ governing lawn bowls in Spain. Adjustments will be made for playing indoors on the short mat.


  1. The club shall be managed by a committee, which will comprise of at least five members: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and a vocal.
  2. To serve on the committee a member must be Spanish or a foreign resident in Spain, and must have been a club member for one year.
  3. The President will serve for a period of four years and can be re-elected.
  4. If the President left his duties the Vice-President would take over until and Extraordinary General Assembly could be called to elect a new President.  This must take place within  two months.  The new President would then finish the remainder of the four year period.
  5. Sub-Committees can also be created to improve the running of the club.


  1. The annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the last week in March and the club secretary shall give at least fifteen days notice to all members of such meetings.
  2. An Ordinary or Extraordinary General Assembly can conclude at the first meeting when half plus one of the total members are represented, and at the second meeting time if a quarter of the total members are present.
  3. An extraordinary Meeting of all members may be called at any time by submitting a requisition, signed by no less than one tenth of the membership, to the club secretary.  Such Extraordinary General meeting to be held  on a date not less than twenty one days from receipt of such requisition. The club secretary shall give all members a minimum of seven days clear notice of such meetings.
  4. Only members who are present at the meeting will be eligible to vote.


  1. A balance sheet of club accounts to the end of the financial year, which will be the last day of December, will be presented by the club treasurer to the members at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. The Annual Subscription shall be decide by the committee.  Annual subscriptions shall come due by the last day of January.  A member failing to pay by this date may cease to be a member and may therefore be required to re-apply and to pay the current joining fee.
  3. A joining fee, to be decided by the committee, will be payable by all new members.  This will also apply to members leaving the club and re-joining at a later date.
  4. Membership fees and non-returnable.
  5. The authorized signatures for the financial accounts of the club shall be the club’s treasurer and the club’s president.
  6. The Almijara Bowls Club is a non-profit making organization.  Trading surpluses from playing and associated activities will be used to maintain and / or improve the club’s indoor and outdoor facilities.  In the event of its winding up or dissolution any net assets, after all debts have been paid, will be amde available only to another approved non-profit making sporting organization.


The following are necessary to become a member.

  1. Completion of the Application Form
  2. Once the committee  has agreed the application, payment of the joining fee.

Obligations of the members are as follows

  1. Respect the club rules, statutes and agreements made by the committee.
  2. Contribute to the running of the club.
  3. Contribute to the economic stability of the club by paying subscriptions on time.
  4. Collaborate with the running of the club if you have been designated said task.

Cessation of membership

  1. When you wish to.
  2. When you have not paid for three consecutive months, by agreement with the committee.
  3. By a committee agreement due to unsociable behaviour, after an official warning, which would have to be agreed by a General Meeting.

Full Members’ Rights

  1. The members will receive all the rights established in the statutes.
  2. The following are the member’s rights
    1. To be elected and eligible to join the committee
    2. Participate in the club elections with voice and vote
    3. Be informed of the club activities and the administration
    4. To have access to the club’s documentation
    5. To attend any activities or competitions organized by the club.
    6. Free expression within the club.
    7. Challenge any decision made by the committee
  3. All other members of the club have the same rights, with the exception of the first and second part concerning voting.

Rules of the Club

  1. No alteration or addition can be allowed to these rules except at the club’s Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting covered specifically for that purpose, and after written notice of the proposed alterations or additions have been given to the club secretary at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.
  2. No alteration to any rule shall be allowed unless two thirds of the membership present at the meeting shall vote in favour of such alteration.


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