General Competition Rules

General Competition Rules relating to both League Games, and Competitions.

All Games will be Scheduled to fill the complete 2hr Normal Playing Time on each Day.

1.   All Games must be played at the Time & Date Published and will be scheduled by the Committee.

2.   All League or Competition Games will be played on No.1 Rink – [Rink Mat adjacent to Goal Posts].
This Mat will be set aside on all Normal Playing Days for this purpose.

3.   It is the Responsibility of the Team Captain to ensure that a Full Team Turn up to Play on the Specified Date & Time.

4.   Substitutes are allowed but these must not play for more than 1 Team in the same Competition/League.

5.   In both League & Competition Games if a Team Fails to Turn up the Game will be awarded to the Opponents.

6.   League Games – 2 Points will be awarded for a Win, 1 for a Draw. Final League Table will be decided by ‘Shot Difference’ in the event of a tie.
Competitions will be on a Knockout Basis.

7.   Where any Team cannot raise a Team on the Given Day they can arrange to ‘Swap’ the Fixture with other Teams on a Different Day – this must be a ‘Normal Day’ for the League/Competition, and must be arranged between the Captains/Teams involved. The Committee will not enter into any Changes unless they affect the normal running of the Club.

8.   All Games must be played to the recognised ‘Short Mat Bowls Rules’.

9. Where a Jack is driven off the side of the mat, 2 shots are awarded to the Opposing Team.

10.   A Completed Scorecard – Signed by both Teams – must be handed in at the end of every Game to allow accurate League Records.

Leagues 3 Wood Triples – Played on Monday [+ Possibly any other Day required]
4 Wood Pairs – Played on Wednesday & Friday


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