Almijara Bowls Club Competitions

Club Leagues, Competitions.

With the approaching move to the new facility at El Mirador it is time to organize this Season’s leagues and Competitions.

With ‘Club Days’ remaining on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday mornings – as previously at the Sports Hall, the Leagues & Competitions will be played at alternative times/days.

I suggest 2 options to accommodate the Leagues [3WT & 4WP]:-

1. We opt for – say – organized play Tuesday and /or Thursday, Games playable either am or pm. – e,g, Triples on Tuesday, Pairs on Thursday, or Triples am, Pairs pm etc;

2. Teams are given ‘Dates to be played by’ – thus enabling each Team concerned to arrange to play the Game at a date/time to suit the individuals. This would at least avoid the numerous ‘changes’ experienced last Season, and fit in with individual circumstances.
The only discipline would be Games cannot be arranged on ‘Club Days’ [10.30am – 1pm], and all Rinks for arranged Games must be pre-booked on the Notice Board.

It is intended to get the Leagues underway in early November, please send me your Team entries [usual details req:] and which playing options you prefer.
The actual option used will be based on the largest preferences.

The first Competition will be the Annual Gala Day in late November.


David Tomblin


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