December Christmas Social.

Christmas Social Event

67 Members and Guests enjoyed the Christmas Social Dinner/Dance at the Torres de San Juan Restaurant on Friday 3rd December.
After a 3 Course Meal, Dancing was to Andy Time – who again filled the Floor with his style and choice of Music.
2 seperate Raffles were held, 1 for a Christmas Hamper and Bottle of Whiskey [arranged by Club Member Riel Bainbridge], the ‘General Raffle’ of the many donated Prizes, was organised by Audrey McRory.
The proceeds – approx: 400 Euros – from both Raffles are to be ‘doubled’ from Club funds to 800 Euros, and donated to the ‘Breakthrough Breast Cancer’ Charity in aid of the Club President – Graham Botfield’s Daughter Donna.

Pictures show Members and Guests enjoying the Evening, which was arranged by Audrey McRory.


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