No Bowling Wed 29th Sept, and ’50’ club

If you are not already aware – there will be NO BOWLS on Weds; 29th September due to the uncertainty of the Sports Hall being open with the ‘National Strike’ pending.

’50 Club’
Rodney Nixon is running the ’50 Club’ this year – he is at present busy collecting the Subs: of 10 Euros per Member.
There will be a Draw for a Prize each week over 10 weeks and 3 Cash prizes at the end.

The amount of these Prizes depend on the Nos: joining so, ‘the more that are in it – the more you win’!

25% to go to Club Fund : 75% in Prizes.

Please support this Fund Raising activity.

There will also be an additional Weekly Raffle Draw – Tickets sold on the day of Bowling.

All proceeds to Club Funds.


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