Almijara Bowls Club AGM.

To all Almijara Bowls Club Members.

Please be reminded that the Annual General Meeting is being held on Thursday 21st January, at 11am in the Nerja Club Hotel.

As you may know, the aim of the Club when it was first formed back in 2007, was to eventually realise a Full Size Outdoor Bowling Facility here in Nerja.

Negotiations are ongonig with the Nerja Town Hall, and although a suitable Plot of Land has been identified – and if the Club are successful in gaining the Lease of such Land, the Construction Costs of building such a Facility will have to be born by the Club. No Spanish Council, let alone Nerja Council have any Funds for such a Project.

Various forms of Finance have been identified, – Bank Loan, Term Bonds, Investments, Sponsorship etc; but the Club Committee need to identify the Actual Interest from within the Membership before proceeding further.

Under the item on the AGM Agenda ‘Outdoor Bowling’ the full details of the Project to date will be provided, and we hope a ‘Full and Frank Discussion’ will take place.

We, your Committee, feel it is vital that every Member attends this Meeting, if at all possible – to hear the Presentation, to put your Opinions forward, and to give your Support – or otherwise.

We realise that some Members will still be away from Nerja, but any comments/ideas you may have – Positive or Negative – can be sent by return to this Email Address.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Annual General Meeting, or receiving your comments.

David Tomblin


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