3 Wood Triples League – Dates and Teams

Please Note – All 3 Wood Triples Games are 15 Ends. [Fill the 2hr Session].

Team Name               Captain
‘Hopefuls’                  Allen Palmer
‘Whiskey Macs’       Dom McCrory
‘Anglo Scottish’      Ken Grainger
‘Chimney Sweeps’ John Morse
‘Anti W&M’s’           David Tomblin

Mon Feb 23rd        Whiskey Macs v Hopefuls
Mon Mar 2nd         Chimney Sweeps v Anglo Scottish
Mon 9th                   Hopefuls v Anglo Scottish
Mon 16th                Whiskey Macs v Anti W&M’s
Mon 23rd                Anglo Scottish v Anti W&M’s
Mon 30th                Hopefuls v Chimney Sweeps
Mon Apr 6th          Anti W&M’s v Chimney Sweeps
Mon 13th                Anglo Scottish v Whiskey Macs
Mon 20th               Chimney Sweeps v Whiskey Macs
Mon 27th               Anti W&M’s v Hopefuls

Presentation of ‘Trophy’ [!] at ‘Spring Dinner/Dance’ May 9th.


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